The program is helping my kid to express himself, as well as socialize and learn something new.

Olga (current parent)

My child had the best time during the 4 day summer session. She came home practicing her piece at home, telling many people about the group, and she looks forward to returning this fall. She was very nervous on the first day, but she said that Emeric was a wonderful, energetic, and patient teacher. It was incredible to see how much she learned in 4 days!


Tia (current parent)

The kids experience so much from being in the program. My daughter found a big part of herself there, a way to express her Indonesian heritage.

Former Family

The group dynamic and camaraderie, the memorization of the music, and the introduction to a different tonal system and rhythmic understanding has been incredibly beneficial for [my daughter]. As she learns new skills every session, her self-assurance grows. Every week, she looks forward to Wednesday—gamelan day!

Current Family

When I asked my children why they like Gamelan, my son said, “I like Gamelan because it is like a puzzle. You get to explore which patterns match and connect with one another to create a beautiful sound.”

Current Family

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